Marigold is a 3.5-year-old spayed New Zealand and Mini Rex mix. She is the mom to FOW alumni babies, Poppy, Blossom, Jasmine, and Violet. Marigold is a spunky young lady with a lot of love to give. She likes to explore her surroundings and cuddle close to her foster parents. She gets along very well with her rabbit and cat foster siblings. Unfortunately, Marigold has a splay leg and requires much more cleaning than an average rabbit. She did not receive much exercise in her previous home and therefore, also requires daily physical therapy to regain strength in her hind end. Marigold is looking for a forever home that is willing to give her the much-needed care and attention she deserves. 

Lida and Hazel

Lida and Hazel are a bonded pair, both 3 years old. Hazel is a neutered male Rex/Lionhead mix, and Lida is a spayed female Lop. Hazel is fairly active and loves throwing things, exploring and knocking things down. He is also very loving and is very happy to sit next to you while you pet him. Lida is also very loving and likes to have you pet her back and give her treats. Both rabbits are litter box trained and enjoy being around children and cats.

Clover and Ginger

Clover (agouti) and Ginger (red) are 2.5 year old spayed sisters. They enjoy each other’s company but also like to spend time with their foster parents. One sister’s favorite activity is looking for treasure in their digging box. The other sister’s favorite activity is eating all the greens, hay, greens, pellets, and did we say greens? 

Cedric and Trixie

Meet Cedric and Trixie! Cedric is a New Zealand and Trixie is a Californian breed. They are both about 1 year old and fixed. Cedric and Trixie had a rough start to their lives but were lucky enough to find safety and each other, thanks to Peace Ridge Sanctuary. Cedric is very outgoing. He will stick his nose into everyone's business. Trixie is more reserved. She will watch Cedric get into trouble and then be there to groom him when he tires from his adventures. They get along great with their dog foster sibling and Cedric loves to be brushed. The pair is looking for a forever family that will give them the space they need to play and the love that they deserve. 

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