Cedric and Trixie

This little handsome has been dubbed Marmalade by his foster mama. His markings are so beautiful, she missed an opportunity to name him Rorschach! Marmalade is a young handsome boy who is sweet and kind. He is the sweetest little companion and will sit by your side. After running around hopping and exploring, he's at his cutest when he flops down for a rest. 


His coat is absolutely silky soft, and he loves to get pats. He is so sweet and so gentle, it really makes his foster Mama wonder why he had to be rescued in the first place.


Marmalade was found under a shed in someone's backyard. Luckily marmalade was able to be found and rescued before the cold winter set in. Marmalade is a healthy eater and will definitely bop his nose on your leg for treats. Any home would be lucky to have him as an addition to their family.

Cedric and Trixie

Trixie and Cedric are a bonded pair and must be adopted together. Cedric is a neutered male New Zealand and Trixie is a spayed female Californian. They are both about 2 years old and love to entertain their foster family with their young bunny energy. Cedric is very outgoing, so much so he will stick his nose into everyone's business. Trixie will watch Cedric get into trouble and then be there to groom him when he tires from his adventures. They get along great with their dog foster sibling and Cedric loves to be brushed. Cedric and Trixie had a very rough start to their lives but were lucky enough to find safety and each other, thanks to Peace Ridge Sanctuary. Trixie is a special needs rabbit and requires an adopter with rabbit experience. The pair are looking forward to finding a forever home with a family that will give them the space they need to play and the love that they deserve.

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