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Surrender My Rabbit


Friends of Willow cannot take in additional rabbits at this time.

FOW can only take in rabbits adopted from FOW (alumni) or an alumni's bonded mate(s).

Before proceeding, please consider keeping your rabbit in your home. There are so many rabbits in need of homes that it is likely the best place for your rabbit to remain is with you.

If your rabbit(s) is not FOW alumni, please contact your local animal shelter. A list of animal shelters that contract with towns in Maine can be found here.

Only use this form if you are looking to surrender FOW alumni or alumni and bonded mates. Per the adoption contract, all FOW alumni MUST be returned to FOW if the owner is no longer able to care for them. If you have more than 2 rabbits to list, please submit this form again as needed.

Friends of Willow

Rabbit Rescue

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