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How Does the Foster Application Process Work?



Although Friends of Willow does not require previous fostering experience, ideal foster care providers will have basic knowledge of rabbit care and be committed to aiding Friends of Willow in finding their foster rabbit a safe and loving “forever home”. As a foster care provider, you will provide your foster rabbit with care including, food, water, shelter, grooming and medical treatment when necessary. Friends of Willow provides each foster provider with approved rabbit medical care, a Friends of Willow Foster Care Starter Pack and the knowledge to succeed!
Fostering a rabbit with Friends of Willow is a wonderful and rewarding experience but can also be time consuming and hard work. Please seriously consider all of the aspects of the Friends of Willow foster care program before deciding to apply to foster. Check out Friends of Willow's Foster Care Guide for more information. All first-time foster care providers must complete Friends of Willow's Foster Application.
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